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We manufacture UL approved wire harnesses and interconnect solutions for world leading OEMs. Our state-of-the-art facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has a wide range of ISO and QC certified suppliers at its disposal.

Every product is carefully processed throughout our facility

1. - Incoming Materials Verification
2. - Timely Order Completion
3. - Individualized Responsibility for Quality
4. - Testing to Assure Conformance to UL and CSA
5. - Packaging
6. - Stocking / Shipping for On-Time Delivery

Our Approach

Advanced Product Quality Planning is the method we use to guarantee the compliance of our products with our customers’ requirements.

We use this method to ensure that all engineering design specifications and requirements are met and properly managed.

Continuous Improvement
We believe in continuously improving our products and processes. To that end, we employ Lean and CI techniques. We value-Stream Map our processes to drive out non-value-added steps. Kaizen Events are used to effectively and quickly drive improvements throughout our operations.


Wire Harnesses
No matter their complexity, we can build custom wire harnesses from all industrial UL wire types and connectors of different sizes and types. Read more.

Cable Assemblies
WHIS can provide nearly any custom configured cable assembly or interconnect product. Read more.

Over-Molded Assemblies
Our capabilities include the design and manufacture of an enclosure to your exact specifications. Read more.
Power Cords
We manufacture built-to-order power cords and assemblies to OEM's, contract manufacturers and other high-volume users. Read more.
Designing and Prototyping
Our design and engineering experts bring value to the product development process, working virtually every stage of the design cycle. Read more.
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